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Grenfell Rental Properties

This is Grenfell's Rental Properties, Please contact the landlord about availability.

Rod Wolfe2 One bedroom & 2 two bedroom306-697-7067
Greg Kennedy1 Three bedroom house & 2 two bedroom complex306-737-7551
Jamie Gorchynski1 Two bedroom & 1 three bedroom houses306-697-7067
Roddy Schultz2 Two bedroom & 2 three bedroom houses306-697-7055
Suzanne Hawkshaw & Willy Lichaz1 One bedroom house306-697-3396
Andrea Charanduk1 Three bedroom house306-537-6467
Willie Patron2 Two bedroom houses306-697-2634
Danean KarlunchuckBasement Bachelor suite306-697-8098
Kevin Speidelsbach1 Two bedroom house306-697-7587
Cindy Williams1 Two  bedroom house306-697-7530
Gib/Betty1 Four bedroom house306-794-2111
Ken Rempel1 Apartments204-750-3286
Alvin Speidelsbach1 Basement suite306-697-3200
Shannon DykeRemax Realtor306-697-7768
Grenfell Mobile Home Park